The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Grey Screen chimes but no start up

Bought this computer just over 3yrs ago currently have Snow leopard with latest update available installed. 8gb on Apple installed RAM, running on Apple hard drive.

Day1-3 Finder was acting glitchy recently - restarting or not being there after start up causing me to restart again.

Day4 Start up with apple logo & bar underneath but finder wasn't there - Called Apple support.

Was suggested to try the following , which I did:

Unplug all external devices

Unplug from surge protecter outlet & try directly into the wall.

Remove all extra hard drives while unplugged.

Starting in safe mode.

Starting while pressing C (with install disk)

Starting while pressing option/alt

Zapping the Pram

Ended up with a completely grey screen now I have no apple symbol. The computer does chime on start up but never leaves the grey screen.

Day6 I removed old hard drive. I have even tried using a brand new hard drive, to reinstall/format everything from the beginning. This would eliminate the fact that it was a hard drive issue & not a software.- still grey screen without an apple.

Help?! I have run out of ideas. The closest apple store is 5hrs away. (10hr round trip) Local computer "experts" don't seem to even know what I am talking about. No apple specialist close by.

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Have you tried a different monitor? Unplug the machine from power overnight (at least 12 hrs) Plug in and try to boot to install/OEM disk?


I checked the ram before trying the reboot with the disk - it was functioning at full capacity. I also pulled it & reinstalled just to be sure - I can't image all 4 slots of ram would go bad at once to cause this issue. I am currently running on 8gb of ram 4 slot/ 2gb each. Mac installed.

I cannot reveal the serial # info since the computer will not start I have no way to access that information. A different monitor is also not possible since I only have one. Plus the monitor has not given me issues leading up to this.

Could it be an issue with logic board at this point?


The RAM seats onto a card, the card into the machine... I have had people in the past who *thought* that cards/connectors were seated, then it turns out later they were not. I know that sometimes it takes a little extra oomph to push some of the cards home. Try it just to be certain.


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Remove all added RAM. Reseat the video card. Replace the PRAM battery. Boot from the the original system installation disk. Try with a different monitor. Please tell us about the current RAM configuration. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number

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