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Why does my iPod Touch crash intermittently?

My 3 year old iPod touch 3rd Gen 32GB has started to crash frequently but at irregular intervals.

Sometimes it will crash 10 times in one day, other times it will go for days without a crash.

Sometimes it crashes then immediately reboots, other times it crashes and freezes with flickering pixels on the screen, then remains in this frozen state until the battery is flat.

Can this fault be repaired?

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I have seen some strange things attributable to the battery.. including crashing intermittently and rebooting intermittently.. Since your ipod is 3 years old, the battery would be a good first guess. If that doesn't work, then come back and we will figure it out..

Hint: Make sure that whoever you buy your battery from, it is in a SEALED pouch.. Otherwise it could be partially dried out, or a battery that was rejected an an OEM part and sold off as new.. Lots of bogus counterfeit parts out there and the cheaper the part is, usually the more likely it is a sub-standard part. Also, make sure that the battery is for a gen 3 32 or 64gb..

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