I want a continuos alarm for end of Cycle

How could I go about adding or modifying the End of Cycle Alarm to play continuously until the door is opened or a switch is triggered?

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paul, unusual but interesting question. I would think that it should work if you tap on the Machine Control Board. Unplug the harness to UI and check with a VOM on (Connector UIP3) Pin 1: -5V, Pin 2: 0V, AND Pin 3: -12V. (-12VDC is for the Buzzer only, the -5VDC check is for the display). Now you could use a small alarm circuit connected by a relay. If the washers buzzer received the -12 it could in theory trip a relay to start an alarm. You could modify the circuit in image 3 from here and install a small relay as the switch Sw1. Just remember that you are dealing with -12V on the internal buzzer circuit. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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