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Dell 19" LCD Monitor, Charcoal-Gray in color, released in 2004.

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Screen not activating start button flashing

Monitor would not 'tun on'.Start button on bottom right hand corner was flashing and screen was blank.

Unplugged all leads and power to PC to get this going.

Don't know why this occurred.

Any ideas?

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Warren, the flashing LED can be an indication that your monitor is having power issues. Recheck your connections, if all of them are okay, disassemble your monitor and check the caps on the power board. Use these guides to work on your monitor. It does sound like you are having a few failed capacitors. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Try using a different VGA cable.

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Thanks ,not the answer I was hoping for.but sounds correct.We managed to get it going all night then this morn same.but can't clear it this time.had a long hot summer so maybe board dried out etc.Thanks again


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i think symptom due to monitor.

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