iPod 3 wont turn on

Do i have to change the battery or something is else is wrong with it? If its water damaged, how much would it be to repair it?

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Erik Plascenci, with any water damage you do need to clean. This will prevent corrosion failure. Follow the guides for the disassembly from here. Your iPod is more a 2nd gen then a 3rd gen, only the higher memory (32GB ad 64GB are true 3rd gen). Once you got it disassembled, clean it by following this guide. It was written for a iPhone 3G but all the points still apply to your iPod as well. Once you have it properly cleaned, inspect it for any physical damage. Then replace the battery and re-assemble your iPod. Re-evaluate for any residual damage. For now, you do not want to try to turn it on. The more you try that the greater the risk for shortening out the logic board. Hope this helps, good luck.

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board Resmi


iPod Touch 2nd Generation Logic Board Replacement



iPhone Resmi


Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage



1 - 2 hours

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