Replaced Digitizer/Screen, possibly bad digitizer?


My cousin's Ipod 4th Generation here. Replaced the digitizer/screen that was cracked pretty badly near the bottom. I repaired a 2nd gen before and followed steps carefully.... but despite that, i hooked up the digitizer cable and performed a quick test before putting everything back together.

I get no touch (or very wonky touch at best). I cannot unlock the screen. Does the touch have to be put back together in order to get correct calibration? Or is it possible to just get bad digitizers from repair shops?

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Zack Whipkey, I never had to do any calibration but if your digitizer is "or very wonky touch at best" I would think that you have a bad digitizer. Yes, it is possible to receive a faulty digitizer, actually happens more often then one would think. If everything else is properly connected, it is the digitizer. Speak with the vendor and get it replaced. Hope this helps, good luck.

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