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How much RAM should be on board?

I was told 512MB but my memory profile has two entries. One says built in 256MB and the other says PC2700. Does that mean there is only 256MB on board and that there is a 256MB card in my expansion slot? My power up diagnostic keeps saying the built in RAM failed but the memory segment says both are ok

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The iBook g4 12" 1.33 GHz has 512 MB ram soldered to the logic board and the ram slot can accept a 1 GB ram stick so the total ram amount is 1.5 GB.

In the system profiler you should see:

in the first slot: DIMMO/BUILT-IN 512 Mo

The iBook G4 12" 1.33 was the only 12" model with 512 Mo integrated ram so if you see 256 Mo then your iBook model is not the 1.33 Ghz or there's half the integrated memory that is not seen by the computer.

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Well after looking the computer says it has a 1.33GHZ processor. Does that mean my motherboard is going bad?


Well, if the only issue is a 256 Mo missing and the computer still works as it should then you're OK. Just add a 1 Go ram stick in the ram slot and it will be fine but if the machine is no more stable then yes you'll have to replace the logic board.


Thank you everyone. I appreciate it


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The motherboard carries 256-512 MB RAM the slot will accept up to a 1GB of PC2700 RAM stick.

There are three 1.33 models:

Apple iBook G4 14" 1.33GHz (M9627LL/A) with 256 motherboard RAM

Apple iBook G4 14" 1.33GHz (M9628LL/A) with 256 motherboard RAM

Apple iBook G4 12" 1.33GHz (M9846LL/A) with 512 motherboard RAM

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Thanks. every website I checked said the 12 inch 1.33Ghz with 40 GB hard drive should be expandable to 1.5GB. It is so confusing


Sorry, I got confused. I see now that the first two are 14" models. Strange that the 12" would sport more RAM the the 14. If you are showing 256, are you sure you have a 12" rather than a 14"?


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My iBook G4 1.33 12' hawe only 256 Ram and I don't now why :/

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