The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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No Video - Shuts Off With Blink Red Light

So I have a PS3 slim I'm trying to get working. The console won't output any video, and after being on for about 30 seconds or so it will beep and the light will change from green to red and start blinking until you push the power button, at which point it will stay red (as it would when it's off). I've tried HDMI and composite, and I can't get any video off of either. If I try resetting the video settings by holding down the power button it will just turn on and and then off after a few seconds but will not beep in between as it should.

I've tried switching out both the power supply and the hard drive with no luck. I plan on heat-gunning the video chips if you guys don't have any suggestions.

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Is it up and running again? What was the problem? Mine caught the same disease...


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Yep thats the only way mate it sounds Like the Main Chip Has some Dodgy Solder Connections Reheating Both the Large Chips Is usually the Best option As in my experience with playstation 3s you can do one and it will turn out to be the other one. If you need a Guide Have a LOok at BGA Reflow PS3 on Youtube there are many a video that started me off fixing them :) and forgod sakes... Dont do the oven trick! i have Bricked Many a Board with that! invest in a cheaper heat gun if need be they do the trick... iv been using the same one for years!!

Good Luck!

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