Pink snow in a part of my tv screen


I discovered this site recently and I thought that it might be time to fix my TV broke down several months ago. Even if I buy one since I'm on the fault I have is all stupid but I do not have the knowledge to diagnose the problem, which is why I am here today.

This is a Samsung TV that has a display problem. The screen is cut in two in the center in the width direction. Memory, right, as the image is at the origin (so good) and left it behind but this is a kind of pink snow (as when we received the TV airwaves in time).

If this problem ever tells you something, thank you for helping me.

If you need the reference and why not a picture of the problem so that you understand better than words, I'll add it to my post.

Thank you in advance for your help.

PS: sorry if my english is bad, let me know if you do not understand some phrases.

Block Image

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Romain, just to clarify, one side display properly, the other side displays "snow" ? What is the model of your TV


The model of my TV is: LE22A457C1D

I put a link so you can see the TV picture with the problem. On the right the picture is normal, the left (from the middle of the screen), the image has small pink spots / red.

You can see that the image is very reddish in the left.


Roman, sorry to say I don't see the problem with the picture as you describe. Is it possible the problem is from the signal source Vs the TV. How do you connect the TV? Via direct cable (digital), cable converter box (analog to digital), indoor/outdoor antenna, via a DVD player HDMI connection.


The signal is received via an antenna inside but it captures very well because my other TVs do not have this problem. The signal is then recovered via a cable to TNT decoder (because the TV is too old so the decoder is not built in, without him,the signal can not be read by the TV because I do not know about other countries, but in France, the TV signal is now digital when he was radio before), then the decoder sends the signal to the TV via a scart socket.

I wish I tried it with another decoder but I have no other externally and it bothers me to spend money to buy a decoder just to see if the problem come from it or not...


I'll try to remove the cover of the TV tonight to take pictures. However there is one thing I do not understand, you are talking about plasma while it is a LCD TV, there is therefore no plasma inside right?.

In addition, this TV date 5 or 6 years so I think there is no USB port on the back (at least that's what I think, I'll check again but it tells me nothing).

Finally, I try to turn on the TV without TNT, so I did not have access to channels, however, the left side was still pink so it does not but the decoder to the TV.


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