Repair and support for the controllers that shipped with the PS3. Released mid 2008, the six-axis lithium battery powered controller (CECHZC2) is straightforward to repair.

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My controller will NOT turn on! Why?

Ok my son throw the controller on the floor and now nothing. I plugged it in to the ps3 and no light no nothing and its driving me crazy. I kno also i cant fix it on my own :( If theres anyone out there that can fix it i will send it to you and pay for it or whatever. HELP!!

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sarah, I am sure that you could fix it with the great guides on here. The first thing you want to check is to see if the battery is seated properly and that the cables are still connected. Use this guide to check on it. You have a good community behind you and if you get stuck working on it, just ask. :-)

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