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Series of 15.6" Windows laptops by Acer directed toward casual users.

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Acer aspire internal speaker

The right chanel in the PC speaker dont't work. If I connect to external speaker it's ok, so the problema is in the hardware. It's a production problema because other ACER's I tested have the same problem.

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I have read a lot about those Aspires with only one speaker.

I opened mine and had an extra connection for another speaker on the main-board but no speaker present.

Open yours, hope it has the connector and find some other speaker that fits the space you have there and fix your sound.

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Yes. You are right. I have the same computer which doesn't give the sound from two speaker. When i bought it, i realised that there is no sound from one of them. First i think it is broken but i understood from your writing that it is manufacturing problem or they did it on purpose. Thank you.

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