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Second generation of Wi-Fi iPad, released on March 11, 2011. Model number A1395. Repair is difficult and will require heat.

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Please help, speaker cable slip up :(

I tried to pull the speaker cable out of its socket that attached to the logic board but accidently pulled the socket off insteatd.

Someone please help.. without sounding like to much of a nag ive put this question forward 4 times with no answer.

Thanks, kurt :)

Block Image

Sorry the image is slightly out of focus, i tried to get in as close as I could. As you may be able to see all 4 connectors are still attached however the 4th solder pad has came up.

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Is it possible to solder this back on?


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kurtis, here is my answer to a very, very similar question:"the connector is a Molex 78171-0004 and it is readily available. It is soldered onto the logic board. So depending on what your contacts look like, it could be a straight forward solder repair. If your solder pads or the traces are torn, it would need a far more extensive repair. For that you will have to have excellent soldering skills, and the right tools. It might help if you post an image of your damaged board/connector so that we can see what you see. As for your "without sounding like to much of a nag ive put this question forward 4 times with no answer." Looks like 3 times in a matter of hours ;-) Everyone here is strictly a volunteer. We all share to help others, but it is not a guarantee nor an entitlement.:-) Hope this helps, good luck.

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hey, thank you for your feedback. I had seen the previous post you had answered, but was looking for additional advice as all 4 traces (connectors) are still attached, however one of the solder pad has came off, but is still attached the the bottom of one of the traces. I will add images :)


If you can get a bit closer to the connector to see how far off the solder pad is, it might be possible to connect it to either the trace or using a circuit writer pen to close the circuit.


okay so i done a little experimenting and at a very precise position the speakers will work. With this in mind a friend suggested that i stick it in place epoxy glue? or would a circuit writer pen do a better job?


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I recommend Servdigital. they charge $39 to replace the connector and $30 for adding a micro-jumper. They're on EBay too.

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