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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Error code f 14

I was getting the dl error code, we replaced the door locking mechanism, the washer worked for a few days, now I am getting the DL followed by F 14. How do I fix my washer??

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Denise, the F14 error is "EEPROM Error

The Central Control Unit (CCU) receives it’s data from an EEPROM onboard the CCU. If there is an error reading this data it will cause this error.

Potential Causes

• A power glitch may cause this error. Try unplugging the Unit for two minutes to

see if that fixes the error.

• Check CCU.

Now if you do have a CCU error it can generate a false F/dL and F14 error. So if a reset is not does not fix it, and if all the controller cables are connected etc. you may need to think about replacing the CCU. Hope this helps, good luck

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