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x box 360 power supply

I had water in my basement after a heavy rain. Unfortunately the power supply of my x box was on the floor plugged in when it happened. It was there for at least for 3 hours before I found out.I tried to dried it out ..... Now it do not work anymore when I tried to hooked it up to the x box. Do I have a hopeless case? Please HELP!...Thanks

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Was it plugged into the outlet when it got wet?


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krumlov2006, no, you do not. :-) It is possible to repair this, as long as you have the tools, the skills and can get any parts if needed. First I suggest that you DO NOT PLUG THE PSU IN TO ANY OUTLET, open up the power supply, and check for obvious damage. Like chared, burned, or missing components. then take all the components and clean them with 90+% isopropyl alcohol. I would suggest that you also post a couple of images on here so we can help you with some visual assistance. It is very important that you tell us which power supply you have. There are a few different ones out there.

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