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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Replace 30GB battery to 80GB battery? Possible?

Bonjour to you!

As you see, my question is about the battery of my classic iPod 5th gen'. I would like to know if it is possible to upgrade my old iPod Video 30GB battery to a new one (60-80GB) because it is more powerful.

Will it make my iPod Video live a little bit longer in one charge? It is possible?

Thanks for considering my question!

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Robert Major, sorry that won't work. The battery is thicker and even so it might appear to fit, when you close the iPod the battery will press against the LCD and destroy it. I've tried it and it's a no go. You will have to get a thicker rear case to get it done. Hope this helps, good luck.

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