[Photo] Changing button break a component for chip :S


I dismantled the phone to change the power button and when I turned up no signal. Constantly stay in "searching". I've been reading quite possible solutions, but then to try them all, I decided to check the motherboard and I found this. Is there any solution? : (The phone does not recognize if I remove the chip, and "modem firmware" is blank.


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advice. Sorry for my bad english, i'm from Argentina.

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Christian Venturin, the part you are missing is U18_RF. It is part of the Baseband circuitry and is a TI 2-INPUT AND GATE 74AUP1G08GF package SOT891 with the Apple PART NUMBER 311S0548 ALTERNATE FOR PART NUMBER 311S0398.

Block Image

The data sheet as well as the part is available at places like this. Hope this helps, good luck

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