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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Have tried opening iPod but will not work

I have had this ipod for a month and used several different ipod opening tools and the silver back panel will not come off. the Apple store tried charging me 99 dollars to do it and I rejected that offer.

is there someone near the Cleveland area who could do it or someone who could answer this and give suggestions?

I tried putting pressure on it like the repair guide said and it broke some of the tools.

only the left side it slightly pried open.


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My suggestion? Don't do it. I'm a seasoned tech and im sure you know your way around tech too, but this is a hassle of a repair. I'm always one to dive into something new and learn but I would suggest saving yourself frustration, time and money and "googling" cellphone/ipod repair centers. Shouldn't be too expensive and most 3rd party cell fixers repair game systems, pads and pods as well! Sorry if that's not much help. Good luck!

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