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Overheats while charging, and never charges?

I got the phone wet, pretty wet... immediately the flash on the camera came on and stayed on. (I later found this was due to corrosion and unrelated to my problem).

The phone still worked. I powered it off and stored it in rice for two days. Then I disassembled it, scrubbed it all out with alcohol and replaced the battery.

With the new battery everything worked properly, but it drained the battery really quickly(30-4% in an hour) and the logic board just below the camera module got very hot.

I turned it off, and plugged it in, i had removed the camera module because the light was still on at this point. I could plug it in and feel the logic board just below the camera module get hot immediately. The battery would never take a charge and still drained the battery.

I'm leaning towards a short on that part of the logic board. I could get the phone replaced through insurance for $100. if the logic board is toast should I just do that?


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RAlexCo9, water damage is one of the most common and hardest to diagnose. The behavior on your phone could be numerous things, from a bad charging coil, to a few shorted SMD components, to a bad PMIC. Unless you are very good with soldering very small components, and have the right tools etc., I'd go for a replacement

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