An unknown iPhone 4S missing component

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Can anyone please tell me what is the red arrow pointed missing component on an iphone 4S logic board ?

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Dear oldturkey03 , thanks again. You are awesome ! I also have another post about 3 unknown components A,B,C on an iPhone 4S logic board , do you have any idea ?


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Henry Tang, I have a bit of trouble ro see where your arrow points to. I marked all teh components by there reference designator :

C82 33PF 5% 25V NP0-C0G 201 capacitor

FL13 80-OHM-0.2A-0.4-OHM inductor

C75 1.0UF 6.3V 20% X5R 0201-MUR capacitor

C70 1.0UF 6.3V 20% X5R 0201-MUR capacitor

C68 1.0UF 6.3V 20% X5R 0201-MUR capacitor

C69 1.0UF 6.3V 20% X5R 0201-MUR capacitor

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Those components are all part of your LCD connector circuit.

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Hope this helps, good luck.


In this case it is used as a filter. Murata does manufacturer those :

Part number



80ohm±25% -

Rated current


DC resistance

0.4ohm max

Trying to find a supplier for you.

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Thank you oldturkey03, the missing one is FL13 80-OHM-0.2A-0.4-OHM inductor, where can I order one ?


Thank you for accepting my answer. I added more information to my original answer. I am still looking for a supplier of this part.


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