Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Screen goes black - (Inverter and Inverter cable changed)

Hello! At first thanks for answering and sorry for my bad english.

My MacBook have the screen dim or ilumination problem... when I was using it the screen goes black, and I get dim to the lowest level and back to the high level and I get light again.

I read it was may be the inverter or the inverter cable and I changed all, but the problem happens again and again.

Its not related to the angle of the screen, because I try in different angles and is the same.

Please help me! What can I do? there is other thing to replace?

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Have you connected this to an external monitor and seen a normal display? If not it's your video card/logic board.


External Monitors work OK. Also when is connected to an external monitor, the MacBook goes "unilluminated" and the external monitor continue working great.


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Using a flashlight shining through the Apple logo (a poor mans backlight) do you see your desktop and the file icons? Are you able to lower the brightness to the lowest setting and then slowly raise it and see the display light up at all?

If you do you either have a bad inverter or the CFL's need replacing.

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Yes, I can low the brightness and then go up, and the light turns on, sometimes for a few seconds, and sometimes for all day long.

Today I replaced the inverter, and the inverter cable and the problem continue..

what is CFL´s? Thanks


Within the LCD you have a light source either Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL's) or Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Your system has the older CFL technology (two lamps). Over time and use they do burnout. The easiest way to fix this is just replace the entire display unit. I would get a used display given the age of your system, its' most likely not worth putting in a new one. I did forget one more possibility here and that is the logic board brightness control logic could be bad as well (less likely given your symptoms).


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