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Repair guides and support for the laptop line of Acer's Aspire series for casual home and business use.

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Why my acer aspire 4738z 2008 not working

Hello! i have acer aspire 4738z o8 model ....

i open it up and just clear the dust n after i that i on the laptop the window was uploaded everything was functioning then i shut down it and after half an hour when i on it only powered light is on when i pressed the powered button nothing part is functioning no fan movement , neither processor run nor disk movement... i dont understand what's the problem?

if you have repair manual or any guidence kindly help...

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The problem your experiencing could be down to faulty motherboard, RAM and or removable devices such as USB, RAID and HDD Bays etc.

Try removing the battery, disconnecting any external devices and removing the RAM and hard drive and press the power button. Do you get any beeps? Does anything happen? Replace the RAM with known working RAM and then try again.

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No repair manuals for Acer Aspire (for now). You may check if everything is still connected to your logic board. Some components are lightly plugged and can be unplugged incidentally.

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