Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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80gb harddrive for 5th generation compatible with iPod Classic?

I have a bad 80gb iPod Classic that I can't restore or do anything with so I want to replace the hard drive to see if this is the problem. Will a hard drive for an iPod 80gb 5th generation video work with the iPod 80gb Classic?

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Yes, because they use the same connector. However, from my understanding it needs to be a ATA ZIF drive, and you can't go higher then 160GB with them in that format.

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The hard drive works great but now there's a new problem. I can't get the iPod to close up. This is the thin classic and the new hard drive is thicker than the original. Will a 160gb back plate work to replace the 80gb back plate?


You may have ruined your backplate clips... get a new back and try that


The iPod Classic 160 GB is a 6th generation and the casing will NOT fit the 5th generation.


i would think that it would work, but i cant say that it will for sure. if you have the 160gb backing give her a shot and see if it works thatd be what i do.


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