Water Damage - Back light is out

I have an iPhone 4S that was dropped into a cup of water. It was in for less than 3 seconds, but all of the water indicators are red. The phone was immediately turned off and placed in rice in a sealed ziplock bag for 3 days.

The phone now boots up just fine and I can very faintly see the unlock screen and passcode after swiping (touch is working). But the backlight is completely out.

I have attempted to disassemble and clean all of the connectors, but so far this has not helped.

Any chance at salvaging the phone into something usable or is it just a paper weight at this point ?


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blairmueller, "placed in rice in a sealed " is great first aid but does not prevent corrosion or any other failure. The very first thing that you want to do is to disassemble your phone and clean everything with a high grade isopropyl alcohol, do not forget the connectors. Use a soft brush to clean it with as well. Check for any missing, burned, or otherwise damaged components. Check the backlight coil and IC and try the display assembly on another phone if you can. Once cleaned, replace the battery. Remember that the batteries are smart batteries. They do a lot more than just store energy:-) Re-assemble your phone and re-evaluate for further, if any damage. The backlight is in the display assembly but the backlight circuitry is on the logic board, so it could be the LCD, or the coil/IC. Hope this helps, good luck.

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