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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Mac only types in caps

Anyone know how to fix this and yes, caps is off but still types in caps. I went to system preferences and it looks right. any suggestions

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it would always be a great idea to start a new question for that matter.

anyhow - first of all - use your setup disk to remove the password (use this guide (click))

after the system restarted, try to kill the caps lock function, i only guessed this - but maybe the mac "thinks" he had received the caps lock code from the keyboard (keyboards are working with codes)

use this guide (click) to try it

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+ links


to kill the caps lock function:


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did you try to reboot your MacBook ?

i've read that sometimes this could happen and the problem was gone after a reboot.

if a reboot won't fix it - what happen if you switch caps lock on ?

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I rebooted about 20 times and nothing, when the caps is lit still types in caps..


I would try the SMC and the PRAM resets.

maybe this could help resolve the problem


I tried both of your suggestions, didnt work. Im assuming its the keyboard..thank you for trying


to bad - maybe you should try a usb or bluetooth keyboard before you go out and buy a new topcase


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