MacBook Pro models with 13" displays

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Control + Option + Shift = Power off

My Macbook standing on the table with the water (about second), I took apart and dry it, but now after pressing 'Control + Option + Shift' my computer is power off.

This happens after I had just been turned on or when working.

The buttons is working correctly.

Can i fix it myself?

One more problem — does not work indication button battery :(

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I have no idea of your DIY repair ability.

Study the possible solutions for repair of water damage from the tag at right... you may have missed some damage. Obtain the proper tools (every job is easier when you use the right tools) Use a magnifying glass to check for burned corroded components on the board.

If there's logic board (component) damage it is usually beyond most beginning DIYers. Soldering desoldering logic boards and components requires special tools, solder and lots & lots of practice... a beginning DIY solution to logic board damage would be to replace the entire board (and even this is quite advanced DIY)

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