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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Display temperamental after beer spillage cable or motherboard?

Hi how's it going?

My laptop recently got doused with a half pint of beer straight to the keys whilst I was djing a friends birthday.

After following the process of drying it out with rice to my suprise it turned on.

The keys weren't working as expected but the everything else seemed to be running smoothly. I had bought a cheap keyboard to navigate the security so I could back up my hdd.

After I had used it a few times the display went extremely dark as if the brightness had been turned down to the lowest setting. After turning it off and on it again the display was no more, so I turned it off again and returned it to its rice bath.

Diagnosed as a logic board problem (back fuse?) I thought it was the death of my computer but after trying it again the display is back and clearer than ever. System is fine, everything loading and its not sluggish in any way so I'm reluctant to shell out half of the rrp of a new pro just for the one fuse and the use of the keys.

I was wondering if anyone had an idea how I could check this? Also if there is a way to use my tv as the standalone display and just use it like a desktop?

(I plan on acquiring the tools today to strip out and wipe everything down to make sure no more corrosion happens)

As for the keys I'm not bothered, I like my new huge 90s keyboard.

Sorry for the long explanation but thank you very much for reading it.

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Yes - you can connect to an external monitor and use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse (they do not have to be Apple manufacture)

Corrosion does get worse over time.

If an external monitor does not work you likely need a new logic board.

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