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Why does my floppy drive eject disks every time in Macintosh 512K?

I have a Macintosh 512k from 1984 and every time I insert a floppy disk, the machine spits it out after a few seconds and then displays an X on the screen. The floppy disks work in another computer and the computer beeps when it starts up (meaning it passed the hardware test) so I believe it is a dirty or damaged floppy drive.

However, I have no idea how to fix it or where to send it to be fixed. Not many 512ks were made in 1984 so I want to fix not replace it!

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Put the disk in the machine that it works in, then click on it once, go under file to get info and see how the disk is formatted and if it's 512K or a 1.4 k disk. What machine will the disk work in? Does the disk have one or two square holes in it?

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