Boot Chime, but no video on monitor.

After changing my PRAM battery, the powermac booted up normally showing me a question mark on the screen. Turned it off and turned it on again after a short time, however this time it started up but nothing showed up on the monitor. What could this be ?


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The first question mark showed that it could not find a operating system. Either corrupt system folder or a failed hard drive. I would check and reseat the video card. A black screen can also result from a drained battery or improperly installed battery.

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Yes that is when i turned off the mac to get an OS to try and install it. Tried reseating the video card but no luck. Tried taking out the PRAM battery and putting it back in but no luck. Before when i had the dead battery, it wasnt doing the chime, but now it is. Could it still be the battery ?


Hook up another machine to the monitor and see if it has failed.


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