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Early 2011 model, A1278 / 2.3 GHz i5 or 2.7 GHz i7 processor.

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H2O spill on closed MBP : No display - fan runs high

There are so many forums on liquid spills out there, but none with the exact same circumstances. I have followed several of your tutorials and appreciate the professionalism you provide.

What happened: A TALL glass of water was knocked over on the same table my MBP was closed and resting on. The water would have entered through the back of the MBP or underneath (although I did have a clear protective case on the machine, it didn't save it) :-(. I immediately lifted the MBP out of the water and dried off the outside. I opened it and it was functioning so I closed the machine. A few hours later when I opened the MBP again, there was no response. I immediately came to your website and took off the base of the MBP, set it up "tee pee style" and placed it in front of a fan for a couple of days. I did see a small amount of water on the base cover and wiped that off.

After 3 days, I turned the MBP back on and it worked, although it was running slow and hot, and the fan seemed to be in overdrive. I moved some files as quickly as possible, and then closed the machine. A couple of hours later, when I opened the MBP, again no response except for the running of the fan.

I followed your guides and took the base off again, removed and cleaned the logic board with alcohol, the battery, etc. The liquid indicators were all still white. I put the machine back together after 2 days of drying out. No response from the MBP except for this:

If I plug it in, the green light comes on, then turns amber almost immediately. The fan runs high. No display.

What would be my next logical steps? Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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Fans run on high by default when heat sensors are faulty (shorted out). Connecting an external display may show your video card/logic board is ok and it's the internal display chain that has problems. IF an external display does not work you've got a blown VGU - there's no DIY fix for that other than swapping out the logic board.

Amber on the magsafe points to a ground problem (bad DC-in board).

If the external display works you could try AHT to see if it can tell you which sensors are shot.

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Thank you for the quick reply machead3! I just connected to an external monitor and nothing happened :-( The monitor status was "no source signal" and then it would go to sleep. Is there anything else I can test before purchasing a new logic board or sending off for repair? I still have so many files on this MBP I need AND honestly, I desperately Need it to work again for work. Still hopeful... Thank you for any help you can provide.


There's no other test that one is pretty reliable. You can pull your HD and put it in an external case to access (even boot from it) with another Mac. Logic board replacement is a very advanced DIY (you basically dismantle then reassemble the entire machine). Obtain the proper tools, STUDY the guide (most damage occurs when DIYers pull connectors off the board because they pull them the wrong way or do not unlock them).


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