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Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66, 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Problem switching the dvd drive for a SSD with battery on

Hello Guys,

Probably it wasn't very smart but since we hadn't the tri-star screwdriver, we followed a couple tutorials (yours included) to change the dvd drive to a ssd drive without disconnecting the battery (your tutorial was the only one that talked about removing the battery).

After the switch the macbook doesn't turn on anymore (the fans start, the hard drive does does some normal noise but there is no picture or sound). Tried undoing the change but the problem remains.

Tried the external mini-display port to an external display, nothing.

Tried the target disk mode and the other mac only sees a 'unknown device' in the system report (no drives or controllers mounted).

Tried PRAM reset, nothing.

When i connect the power adapter to the macbook the led lights up.

Is there anything i should try before going to a store?

Thank you,


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Put the SSD drive in the hard drive bay. Boot in Target mode and see if you can use Disk Utility to format it. Let us know your results.

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Sorry for the delay.

That didn't work either.

700$, and a new logic board :(


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