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Replacing 11" MacBook Air Display bezel and case

A drop dented one of the upper corners of my MacBook Air. The display works fine— this is just a cosmetic problem.

In any event, it appears I need to replace the front bezel, as well as the top/rear case. I also need to replace the black rubber trim/bushing.

I noticed that the entire display assembly could be purchased. I also found the repair guide for replacing the assembly. However, since I do not need a new LED display (the most expensive component of the assembly), I was wondering if the assembly could be disassembled so that I can replace the parts I need.

From where might I obtain these parts?

If I have to replace the whole assembly, I'd probably just sell my computer in its current condition and get a new one.

I have the A1465 model.

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There are four machines with the A1465 designation. Mid 2013-2013, I just picked one.


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You can probably find one on eBay with a broken scene. The bezel can be bought. Here's a video on disassembling one, so yes it can be done:

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That repair is a very advanced one. Obtain all the recommended tools and parts (every job is easier when you use the proper tools).

Google Shopping is your friend for parts.

Reassembly is also quite difficult, it's easy to damage/finger print the replacement parts.

I think your final conclusion (or just keeping it) is the best one.

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I agree, this is not an easy repair. Contrary to the video, I would use a heat gun: Here's the part number on the bezel in case you destroy the old one: MBA-11-BEZ 1010228


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