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5th generation Apple router released on June 21, 2011. It features wireless n which increases the network speed from the previous model.

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not turning on after electricity shutdown

hi does anybody knows what to do if the airport extreme dos't turn on

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I have exactly same problem... Its hardware? Battery??

Can fix it?


Dear ,

I'm in trouble , my router that ends the energy usually he does not turn back on , only after several attempts he turned back on, it would be a hardware problem ?

For already switched outlet and charger.

Thank U


I have exactly same problem... Its hardware? Battery??


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- try another electrical outlet

- disconnect any USB printer and/or sound system connection

- disconnect power overnight, reconnect power and attempt to turn on first.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it.

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Tnx. but didn't work


Probably a bad power supply unit.


Did you have it plugged into a good surge suppressor or UPS?


I have had the same issue. The only thing that helps is if the unit is cold or cool after a long time unplugged. I'm afraid it might have given up the ghost at this point convinced its the internal power supply. The unit has always lived plugged into an isobar isolation/supressor.


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Bump. Have the same problem. But what is the cause of this issue and how to fix it?

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Sadly, its time for a new unit. Must likely you had a power surge which burnt the power supply and/or logic board.

Using a good surge suppressor or a UPS can make a big difference on the survivability of your gear.


I concurr with Dan; you should always have any electronic devices plugged into surge protectors. This will protect them in electrical storms and power surges. You will need a new modem/router. Will save you money power bar at walmart for 20 or dollars will save you from buying another $400 device. It is also wise to unplug electronics during a thunderstorm .


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Same here after the surge airport went dark when reconnected the psu it blinks green and goes to solid amber for ever, nothing works and the reset button doesn’t affect it at all, tested with known working psu and results stay the same so doubt it’s a psu, my bet is on the unit itself, i’ll try to gut it when I will have a free moment and take a look around logic board.

Update (10/14/2019)

Block Image

so after a little bit of inspection, all the components indicated on the photo are short to ground which causes almost 50% of the switch IC legs short to ground also.

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A few recommendations on this.

I tried to reactivate 2 of my AirPort Extreme A1408 today. One is still working althought nearly 10 years old, the other comes up with an amber static light.

Power supply is not the problem as I tried the 2 power supplies crossover.

There are a few points I could think of what the problem is:

  1. Faulty capacitors. A problem that reoccures every few years just because some bean counters buy cheap parts.
  2. What I think is much more likely is the fact that the battery is dead.

In my case a reset was working and now I have a base station that does not store any settings.

And indeed storing the settings is supported by the battery. I have seen this on a lot of very old Macs that run quite well but at startup they tell you that time and date is not set correctly. Measuring the batteries have always shown that they were empty.

Maybe this helps.

I am not quite sure if I should repair or try to repail this old device. If I do I will send additional comments here.

Update (28.01.2023)

As I had time today I opened the device and the fault was a funny old issue.

A connector problem.

I removed the battery and measured the voltage. It still had 3.0 V, that is ok.

Afterwards I removed the screw that holds the Broadcom WiFi module and put it in and out for a few times.

I also rotated the battery around to clean the contacts.

After these steps the AirPort base station was writing the new parameters (config) correctly, rebooted and is running (green steady light) now for at least a few hours.

Additional comments:

To find out a defective power supply measure the voltage when power supply is not connected to the base station. DC voltage shoulb be around 12.0 V ±0.5 V. AC voltage should be less than 20 mV. I had around 14 mV.

This does not mean that the power supply is ok, some have low AC with no load connected.

The second step therefore is to open the base station and connect the power supply. You now should be able to measure the voltage directly on the input connector. The larger metal shielding is connected to ground as far as I can see.

DC voltage goes down a little bit and should be between 11.8 and 12.1 V.

AC voltage now is filtered more by the capacitors on the logic board and should be less than 10 mV. I had only 4 mV.

If you have DC and AC voltages somewhere around this numbers you are ok with the power supply as well as the capacitors on the logic board.

Update (28.01.2023)

one additional thing...

If you remove the interna of the base station like shown in the repair manuals Step 4 picture 1 you will ruin the shielding copper feathers.

A good hint for avoiding this is to remove the silver shielding glue stripes from the copper feathers.

Putting the copper feathers back to the correct position is a non easy task.

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