Lamp flashes on and off inconsistently. Why?

I bought this projector off of ebay because I am a poor college student. I cannot find a repair manual anywhere and most projector repair places have never heard of the brand.

The situation: When I turn the projector on, it will boot up, but the LED bulb will not turn on. It will flash on momentarily and I can see my desktop on the screen (my computer is connected). But then it immediately shuts off. This blinking repeats endlessly.

The catch: There is no consistent trigger. It will not do it every time. Sometimes it will work normally, sometimes it will blink. It doesn't matter if it is cold or hot. I've not used it for weeks and it'll do this, then I'll have it running for hours. Turn it off and on, and it'll blink. I can't explain it. But I have noticed that if it turns on normally, then it will not blink again unless I turn it off and reboot it.

What I've tried: I've taken it apart, cleaned the fans, connections, and filters. That worked temporarily. Sometimes smacking it will do the trick...

If you have any suggestions or could provide a guide, it'd be much appreciated! Thanks guys, you rock!

Added: I posted videos to youtube of the projector working and not working. When I turned it one, it wasn't working. Turned it off and back on and it worked...Then reset again and stopped working.

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