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Red ring of death / E71

My xbox 360 is getting three red lights whenever I turn it on, but with different results. At first it would not boot and give a secondary error code 0101, then it started booting normally even though the red lights were on but would not play games and a few times it gave me error code E71 along with the lights. I've tried installing the rrod fix kit, booting without the hard drive. Nothing.

Any advice?

Also, my dvd drive vibrates for a few seconds on start up, is that normal? Don't remember it doing that before the fix kit.

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No advice; I'm still on the fence as to what's going on with 360's and

it's numerous malfunctions, don't now how a heat gun magically fixes

it, sorta how blowing into Nintendo cartridges magically fixes blinking screens...


@James Jim Reefer, no magic. Just physics and chemistry.


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E71 is software error, update the system using the newest software packs

The drive do move a little during boot, it initializes itself and check if there is a disc inside it

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