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It does not charge my laptop

I used to not remove my laptop adapter from plug, but now it is not charging, please advice me how to fix it

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Have you checked the barrel end with a multimeter to see if the adapter still works? It is possible that there is a broken wire.


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It depends on your power settings in the bios. On the older Precisions I've had them setup to use full power and they

refused to even recognize a 65W adapter was plugged in until you turn on all kinds of power saving and throttling options.

However once you shut them down they will charge just fine off a 65W adapter.

There's more to this than 65W vs. 90W. If that had been the only difference, you would not be having a problem. In

selecting a charger unit, you need to make sure several items match up:

1. Is the charger unit supplying AC or DC to the laptop? MUST be same as specified for the original charger.

2. Type of battery in the laptop. Many chargers are designed for a particular battery type and supply exactly the right

voltage and charging rate (current) for that. Some even are "programmed" to alter the charging rate depending on the state of the battery's charge. All have a limit on the battery's maximum voltage to avoid over-charging. All of these are important, and that's why using the wrong charger can cause trouble.

3. Polarity of the connector - MUST be the same as original.

4. Voltage MUST be the same.

5. Wattage MUST be at least as much as the original charger, can be higher without problems.

6. Max amps must be at least as much as the original, can be higher.

7. Connector on the end of the charger cord - must be the same size pins and spacing so that it fits the connector in your laptop without damaging it.

For more:

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You can confirm is proper functioning by using a volt meter to check if the output voltages are matching the rated output or not. Just in case you may need to buy a new charger.

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Hi, Check your laptop with some other adapter. If it works, then you have to check your adapter using multimeter for the exact output voltage which has marked in the adapter itself.

If that is not working, kindly check the battery condition because as you are using adapter and laptop connected together always may cause your battery malfunctioning and the power circuit in your laptop.

Still you have facing the same problem, open the adapter and check.

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