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My MacBook Pro screen goes black with purple lines when being used

While using my MacBook Pro it sometimes randomly goes black with purple lines on the display and beeps repeatedly. I can't control anything and have to turn it off by pressing the power button and then back on to access the MacBook.

I have already taken the MacBook to apple to look at, as it had a problem earlier where it wouldn't boot (just went to a blank white screen) and they ended up replacing the motherboard.

I do have an alert saying 'Service Battery' in the bar at the top, so could this problem be a battery problem? Anyone have any ideas?

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Sounds like you have multiple problems here.

First, the display reaction sounds like a logic board issue again (GPU). The battery for some reason has failed.

So can you give us some history on this system. Did it get wet as some point? Did it get dropped? Was it used? Also the people who serviced the system before were they an Apple authorized repair shop or just someone who fixes Apple gear? OR did you really go to a Apple Store or sent it directly to Apple?

Why I ask is something is not right here. These two different issues shouldn't be happening at the same time, besides this is not that old a system so the battery shouldn't be running on its last legs.

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