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Keyboard function keys not working correctly


I have just bought an old macbook pro with a malfunctioned logicboard. Luckily I had a good logic board and changed it with succes - only problem is that the keyboard function-keys now doesn't do what is printet on them.

For example pushing the F12 (on the keyboard it show volume up) now just turns on spaces and the volume is suddenly controlled by F5.

What did I do wrong here?

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You did nothing wrong! Apple introduced a different function key layout (yours is the older one) but your logic board is expecting the newer version. So that is why things are messed up.

OK how to fix this? The easiest way is getting the newer version keycaps and pop them on.

Here's one source for the keycaps The Book Yard. You may also find a junker to steal the keycaps as well.

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Ah - thankyou Didn't think about that. I looked a little bit into it now and it turns out that my actual keyboard and my logic board is in fact compatible (both 2008-models), but since the computer is composed from different parts, I suspect that the uppercase is a 2007-model. Could it be that the keyboard-information actually lies in the uppercase/trackpad and not the logic board itself?


Yes, there is some logic within the keyboard. Even though you wouldn't think it the Keyboard and the Trackpad communicate within the system via an internal USB circuit. The keys ID is based on its location on the keyboard and does not change, but the mapping of what it represents can! In this case the key boards USB ID tells the system what mapping to use, here its the function keys, in others its' the different language keyboards Apple offers.


Oh, that ugly word Compatible thats not the same as Exact ;-}


Hey guys, I replaced my 2008 MBP (A1260) topcase with a new one (apparently a 2007 model) and am running into the same issue.

I'd prefer not to replace the keycaps, so is there a way to fix this from a software point of view?


Yes, you could create your own keyboard mapping def file. Basically you'll need to figure out what the ID string is between the two keyboards and then make copies (just to hold as a spare) and then alter the ID string of the one your system has now to the other one (don't forget to delete the original). Only problem with this solution is when you apply any updates that replaces the def file. Which is why I strongly recommend popping the caps instead besides you'll need a USB keyboard to do this and if you mess up ...


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