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GATEWAY MX6920 LAPTOP not charging with power plugged in

The computer will run off a cahrged battery but not off the power supply. the supply is good. i traced the power to a mosfet new the power plug. it seems the mosfet is not coming on. i do not know where the signal to the gate comes from. also is this mosfet just a switch or is it being used as a regulator? i wnat to jump across it and see if the computer will run but do not want to fry the computer.

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I have the same computer so i may be able to help since i have taken it apart for other issues. However I am not sure where exactly you are talking about. A clearer description or a picture would be very helpful. Thanks.


I traced the power to a mosfet near the power plug.I have a gateway mx6920 laptop with model: MA7. It will run off a charged battery but will not charge a battery or run off ac adapter. AC adapter is good at 19vdc. I thought it might be the 4407 mosfet near the plug. I have voltage up to there but have no gate signal. I do not know where the gate comes from. Can I jump out the mosfet here or is it regulating the incoming voltage?


Check out this site for a picture.


I don't know if you want to replace the board but if you do here is a link to two pages of parts for your computer including a half dozen system boards. Ralph


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Well, what is the condition?

Is it under warranty? If so, get it done with Gateway. If not, what you can do is buy a brand new jack online for this laptop. It may take some digging, but they exist new. Don't buy a used part, though. The new is about as much as used in most cases. Here is the part you need.

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