Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Coax input died...can I repair/replace part or work around?

I purchased a refurbished TCL LE39FHDF3300 39in 1080p LED HDTV tv and the warranty is out. Last week the tv starting making a popping sound when we watched tv...did not do it when watching Roku. The next day I had no input on the tv side...Roku still works fine. I hooked up a portable tv to the coax and it worked ok...but have a blue screen/no signal on the I assume the coax input is dead. Are there replaceable parts in the TCL to fix this problem or do I need to purchase a demodulator and use the AV input for my tv watching? I had an analog pass-through DVT converter box and attempted to do the work around but all I get is a weak signal message.

My tv is connected to a Dual Satellite box from DISHNetwork a VIP222K and is operating as TV2

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Sounds like some caps on your AV board went out. Have you tried to input your VIP222K YPrPB cable or RCA/S-Video to your TV. that should bypass the coax altogether.


All other inputs seem to work, but I have RG6 installed coming from my Sat box in the living room and running a 60' RGB cable is not an option...was wanting to use the existing coax and use some type of converter to use one of the other inputs...something relatively inexpensive.


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Lee Colley, in that case the only thing I know of is a RF Coax To RCA Composite Video Audio Demodulator. something like this should work. There might be cheaper ones available. Why not take a look inside your TV and see what it needs to repair. Hope this helps, good luck.

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