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Stuck on battery charge screen after screen replacement

After replacing the screen on the iPod 4, it was working fine. I disconnected the screen connector to apply adhesive and now the iPod is stuck in the charging screen (i.e. the bolt with a battery and red line).

I have tried hard reset, recovery / DFU mode. Nothing but the charge screen comes on. Been searching everywhere, hope someone can help.


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Thanks for the feedback. I have tried restoring through iTunes, and I get error 2001. There was no water damage or anything and the iPod was working nice before having adhesive. Unfortunately the other screen was not working, so I cannot put it back on. I will give the battery a shot. Thanks again.


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Do you happen to have the old screen still? You can try and put that back on and see if you get the same issue. Have you tried actually charging it and unplugging it to see if that helps? Does the iPod have any liquid damage?

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Ok, if you have another battery, swap it out. also scrutinize the logic board and make absolutely sure nothing has broken off. some of those jumpers and resistors are extremely tiny. have you tried restoring using iTunes?

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If ipod was sitting long time without charge thats normal.

It may take couple of hours to start.

If not charging in 2-3 hours try another usb cable and charger.

You can try a computer usb source. Thats the best way to charge complete dead batteries.

I dont beleive screen replacement cause battery or charging port damage.

In my exeperience i didnt see any charging problems after scen replacement (at least 300 screen replacement)

Before battery replacement i recommend you to give it a try with different cargers or sb cables with enough time like 2-3 hours.

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