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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire V5, a series of laptops on the Windows OS by Acer.

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Replaced screen and now have a black screen on boot up.

I have an Acer Aspire V5 that I just replaced the screen on. I have tried other screens to make sure this new one was not bad. The computer starts up, but only shows a black screen.

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What do you get when you connect an external monitor?


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If this is a laptop with a inverter which it probably is you need to check that the inverter was plugged back in. At this point it may seem that the screen is black but it should be showing the picture very faint. if the inverter is plugged in correctly then the issue is the inverter itself and not the screen. It needs to be replaced

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V5 use LED screen.I think the new screen is not suitable for V5.

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