1.86GHz or 2.13GHz Processor, 128GB or 256GB Flash Storage

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Can I use any SSD? or just those from Apple?

I'd like to try following your guide to replace the 128GB SSD in my MacBook Air 13" Late 2010

Crucial have some great deals on at the moment, could I use one of theirs? Or must I buy something more expensive from Apple?


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Crucial as far as I know doesn't offer a SSD that will fit your MacBook Air. They currently offer a 2.5" SSD thats the same form factor as a HD and has a SATA connection.

Apple uses a blade design and your model uses a proprietary connector that doesn't meet any standard.

OWC does offer a replacement SSD for your system (they reversed engineered Apples unit). Here's their web site Other World Computing.

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