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no sound and no mic after replacing home button

I have replaced the home button on the iphone 4s and now there is no sound and the mic for incoming calls is nit working.

What have I done wrong? I have also tried to change the below part with the speaker and the mic but still nothing

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The mic is on the charging port cable that you plugged the new home button into, you could have possibly damaged that cable or its not plugged in correctly, and the speaker is under the logicboard, make sure the contacts on the speaker is making contact with the board. When you changed the black piece at the bottom you only replaced the loud speaker not the microphone.

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Happy new year. Thanks everyone. I have changed the charging port as suggested and now sound and mic works!!!!

But after testing the phone the camera is nit working. It is completely black although it shows the choises on the bottom and you could swap to the front camera that is working. The shutter is not anywhere and that makes me worry. I have done restore and hard reset but still nothing. Do you thing if I will change the camera it will work?



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You may have damaged the connector on the logic board. Post pictures of the logic board and the phone.

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