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Display Backlight Does not Work

So about a year ago my brother dropped his 15" MacBook Pro (A1260) and the bottom of the display bezel cracked causing the display to lean back. The screen worked for a while before with the back light functioning while I ordered a whole new display assembly (I didn't want to have to rebuild the whole assembly). However after a few days the display back light stopped working but I chalked this up to wires becoming disconnected as the whole bezel was barely hanging on.

When I received the new assembly (it was tested and working) I installed it and all connections seemed to be fine. However, when I turned on the laptop the back light didn't come on. The start up chime happened and I could see a faint Apple logo.

I've hooked it up to an external monitor and it still works so it isn't a video card problem. I've reconnected the cables to their respected parts on the board and still nothing. I've read about the left I/O board causing problems but I haven't had any problems outside of the back light. Also I have red about the LED inverter causing problems but the new display assembly has been tested so I don't think this is a problem either.

I included a link to pictures of the logic board and stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The LED driver board is part of the lid assembly so if you replaced the complete lid you replaced it as well in the process. If the part was used it's possible it was bad (or going bad).

The other side here is the power lines from the logic board and the fuse links on the logic board that may be not connected or have burnt from any shorting from your damaged lid.

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Yeah I knew the LED driver board is in the assembly that's why I assumed it was something else.

Where should I be looking exactly for the fuse link and the logic board?



Check your iSight connection and near the connector you should see a small two solder point SMD component with a dot on it. this is the fuse link.


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