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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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How to do valve adjustment

how to do valve adjustment on 1991 accord lx

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RAJ, here is the way the service manual describes it:"

- Valves should be adjusted cold when the cylinder head temperature is less than 100deg F. Adjustment is the same for intake and exhaust valves.

- If pulley bolt broke loose while turning crank, retorque it to 159 lb-ft

1. Remove Valve cover

Block Image

2. Set No. 1 piston at TDC. "UP" mark on the pulley should be at the top., and TDC grooves on the pulley should align with cylinder head surface. The distributor rotor must be pointing toward the No.1 plug wire.

Block Image

3. Adjust valves on No.1 cylinder

Intake: 0.010+/-0.01 in.

Exhaust: 0.012+/- 0.01 in.

4. Loosen locknut and turn adjustment screw until feeler gauge slides back and forth with slight amount of drag.

Block Image

5. Tighten locknut and check clearance again. Repeat adjustment if necessary.

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6. Rotate crankshaft 180deg. counterclockwise (cam pulley turns 90deg.) The "UP" mark should be at exhaust side. Distributor rotor should point to No.3 plug wire. Adjust valves on No.3 Cylinder

Block Image

7. Rotate crankshaft 180deg. counterclockwise to bring No.4 piston to TDC. Both TDC grooves are once again visible and distributor rotor points to No.4 plug wire. Adjust valves on No.4 cylinder.

Block Image

8. Rotate crankshaft 180deg. counterclockwise to bring No.2 piston to TDC. The "UP" mark should be at the intake side. Distributor rotor should point to No.2 plug wire. Adjust valves on No.2 cylinder

Block Image


Hope this helps, good luck

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What about the exaust valve's .


Do you do the exaust side at the same time you have The piston at TDC?


Yes, do it at the same time


Hey OldTurkey, Why do you have to rotate the pulley counterclockwise? Can you rotate it clockwise and get to the same place you want to go and not worry about the nut coming loose from the pulley? Just asking, Your the Pro.

Cheers, Alex


@alexhansen14619 good question. This comes from the service manual. I would think that as long as the piston is in TDC and in firing position with the rotor points at the right cylinder, it should not matter how you got there.


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all Honda auto have a sticker under the hood that states on the left side to the bottom that states the specks intake /exhaust/ some are in metric intake 26 mm exhaust 30 mm -or intake .010/exhaust .012 I do like to push mine down 1mm to 25/29 since it has a lot of miles on it

Update (08/31/2015)

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firing order is from the timing belt side drivers side 1/3/4/2 on f22a1 engines an on most Hondas 4 cylenders


always go by your sticker under the hood no matter what anybody says


the best way to ajust valves is to get it ready the day befor an ajust the folling morning when it is as cold as possible for best job


What is the rocker arm assembly torque specs?


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