PowerBook G4 Aluminum laptops with 17" displays

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Can I upgrade my PowerBook from parts from my MacBook core 2 duo?

My G4 Powerbook needs a new hardrive. My MacBook's screen is smashed from a crash and fail, but all the internal parts work fine. I want to basically combine the two computers using the PowerBook as the "last man standing". Neither are under warranty. I feel pretty confident putting all the pieces back together again, but want to see if this is even doable before I start unscrewing things. I also bought the latest (or second to the latest) operating system to upgrade once finished, since the original operating system on the macbook is now old.

Appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks in advance!!

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These machine are two very different animals. Not even the hard drives are interchangeable. I know of no parts on these two machines that are interchangeable.

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