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Repair information and troubleshooting for Craftsman-brand riding lawnmowers.

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pulley is slated where the belt goes on

when you engage the was making a horriable noise

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You need a new deck spindle assembly.

It's much easier to replace as an assembly than taking it apart and just replacing the bearings.

If the other spindles are loose you should replace them at the same time. The deck will probably need to come off anyway.

It's also a good time to sharpen or replace the blades.

Make sure and take your model and serial numbers with you

when you go to purchase the new parts. Might save you a trip!

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Sounds like a bearing or bushing problem. Be sure the deck is clean and clear of obstructions. Pull all grass out from the shaft, even the greasy grass that just looks black like greasy strings. Spray WD-40 or some other penetrant into the pulley shaft with the problem. Let that sit for an hour or two. Try work your pulley loose by turning it back and forth until it spins. You might have to use a pair of channel locks or a vice grips. Replace any broken or loose parts, meaning if the pulleys are lose and shaking after you clean them, get new ones.

Grease all fittings!

Reassemble and good luck


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