Can you help me with the PCB layout and BOM

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Hi , I'm attempting to repair a repair for a friend of mine. They let some one replace the screen for them and since then it's been having issues. He gave it to me to look at and I've noticed a resistor/capacitor has been knocked off near the Screen cable connector amongst other things. I'm capable of repairing this if i can find out what the value of the part is and preferably what it does.

If possible I'd like the PCB layout , schematic and the bill of materials.

Thanks in advance for any help


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That is a tall order. All the stuff you are looking for is available with a few google searches. It is just not good to share those on here. Apple may have some issues with that since they feel it is copyrighted material:-) Consider posting a couple of images with your question of the area where the part is located, I am sure we can help you out.


Sorry , forgot to add a pic.

Here is one , sorry about the quality. The right hand side circle is where the missing component is. The left hand side circle is where a PCB mounted But used to be. There's 2 of these missing from the PCB. Will this matter?

Thanks for your reply


PCB mounted NUT not but!! Not sure of the technical name..


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tom hingston, from the angle of the picture it is hard to see what part you are missing . I attached an image with some of the components marked.

Reference designator DZ3 6.8V-100PF Zener Diode in a 0201 package

Reference designator FL13 80-OHM-0.2A-0.4-OHM Filter in a 201 package

Reference designator FL14 70-OHM-300MA Filter in a 1005 package

Reference designator DZ4 6.8V-100PF Zener Diode in a 0201 package

Reference designator C156 56PF 16V 5% 1005 package capacitor

Reference designator C124 56PF 16V 5% 1005 package capacitor

The "nut" that used to hold the board is a standoff 2.4OD 1.0ID 1.27H-SM

Hope this helps, good luck

Block Image

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Brilliant. It was C156 I was after. Just have to hunt around at work now looking for that cap.

Thanks for your help


Thank you for accepting my answer. Best of luck to you.


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