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Model A1213 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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Lock button/Lock screen not working correctly?

It was working fine and suddenly in the middle of the day, it started glitching out. It was locking automatically without me even touching it, and something would turn it on then off 4 to 5 times in about 4 seconds. Then it kept acting like it was being held down so that it gave the "Slide to power off" screen. You could say "cancel' but sometimes it would do it again. It doesn't act up as much when it's plugged into a charger, but never the less. I figured maybe the button may have been stuck or something and tried prying it up to no avail. One last glitch I found, the effect of locking/unlocking it via pushing the button only works half the time. I've checked for updates (and there were none) and I've restarted the thing 7 times! Please help, this is pretty much the only means I have for communication as of now!!

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Have you tried a new battery?

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