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HDMI inputs quit working after power outage

We had major power flashes the other day and my Sanyo dp50740 Plasma TV went on an off and then it shows no signal. I changed out the HDMI cables and the receiver and nothing works. I tried different inputs and my blue ray would bring up a picture but no sound on the HDMI input 3

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mine did same thing tv wasnt on any answer


Did you ever fix it? Same exact thing happened to mine///


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Did you have your TV and the other components plugged into a surge suppressor strip or UPS? Do you have a ground connection for the cable at the cables entry point with good mechanical grounding?

It sounds like your TV and/or the HDMI connected components got zapped. Not much one can do here sorry to say. The issue is costs you can get a bigger and better LCD (LED backlit) TV now for less than what you paid for your plasma than the cost of repairing your plasma.

You could checkout what your home owners/renters insurance covers. You maybe able to get some money to cover some of the cost of the replacement unit. I would strongly recommend getting a good quality surge suppressor or better yet a UPS (My big TV and the other gear I have with it are all plugged into UPS). In addition see about getting a whole house surge suppressor (do both) and check your ground services. It could save you next time.

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